From Chaos comes Calm.

It Is hard to believe that from Chaos we can have great calm. But I see this transformation every day. 

Chaos is complete disorder and confusion. And interestingly also known in physics as the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe. And what created the universe…. oh the big bang . . would that be sound.


Sound healing unlike music has no rhythm and beat. Normally our brains can follow the rhythm and beat in music, the mind can guess what is coming next, it’s keeping itself busy, keeping that mind chatter going on and on. With sound healing there is no set patterns. Sounds are random, the gong can create amazing sounds and vibrations, other instruments are also used and they all create sound and vibrations that start to dance and blend together. This dance of vibrations is not something you can plan it just happens, and so the mind can’t be logical.

dee o'connor gong

So with these qualities, with no rhythm or beats, you find yourself surrounded with a collection of sound chaos (chaos – the perception of the mind). When the mind cannot predict what is happening, and it is failing to distract you, It just gives up. The beauty of the mind giving up is calm, ease, and less mind chatter.  A greater connection to you, your body, your being, your soul is created. Your journey, consciousness, healing and wholeness is revealed to you as you gentle float in the flow of sound.

dee O'Connor Sound Bath

The gong and crystals bowls can create many chaotic sound collection, but once the mind had let go the Chaos is replaced by intense calm. Many times I find people fall deep into a dreamlike state with the sound of gongs. And sometimes they fall asleep and you can hear them snoring louder and louder as they travel deeper and deeper into this deep conscious space, the louder the gong, the louder the snoring, which is something that amazes me.

This is something you need to actually experience live, you will truly understand when I say From Chaos comes Calm.