Access Bars Package 4 sessions normally 230 Euro now 200 Euro Book and Pay now to me for bookings and pay link

Emotional Shift Sound Healing

I have opened up 25 spaces at the above rates from now until Christmas, click to pick a slot and once you have done that I will send you an email with a payment link.

For these of you that have been to me during the year and are looking for a top up or maintenance you can avail of the 50 euro rate as well. Just make the booking via the above link and we will be in contact.

Any questions let me know.

Access Bars is a hand on healing where I hold point on the head to help remove limitations, limiting beliefs, ideas, thoughts and emotions and a lot lot more. Doing this helps you to start to create your life without the mind chatter and all of the judgements that were stopping you moving forward.

Get rid of the stress and anxiety, step out into the world a new refreshed you. If this is something you think would be of benefit to you do get in contact.

The Emotional Shift Sound Healing© is a deep drive into an area or Emotion that needs to be worker on, acknowledged and let go. Emotional Shift Sound Healing is deeper than what you experience in the Sound journeys, and deeper than the normal Sound healing sessions. If you are truly ready for a change and to let go that what you have locked into your mind, body and being, and take that step this is what you are looking for. (I would highly recommend 4 sessions). 

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