“Totally amazing sound journey today in Cork with Dee O’Connor, sound healer. So blown away! The energy of sound has an amazing effect on the energy field, such a sense of peace and gratitude.”

“Dee, thank you so much for the amazing session yesterday, it was a truly wonderful experience, feel so revitalised today and slept so well last night too, you are pretty amazing, will be back for more very soon” ~ Susie Morrissey

” I am currently attending Dee’s Chakra Dance classes and am thoroughly enjoying them. She is a fantastic facilitator. She is non judgemental, open, fun, and available to everyone. I’m looking forward to experiencing her other classes. “

“Thank you so much Dee for the fantastic clearings and tools around money and prosperity. Dee’s ability to change realities from surviving to thriving with ease has totally changed my awareness regarding my finances. This has given me confidence in my own ability to create and generate money and the life I now know is possible. ” ~ A Stapleton

“Hey Dee. Just want you to know. Since your class last Sunday. I’ve created almost a 1000 additional euro. A joyously fun car for beans! And a free phone!! Thanks for your classes and contribution.  – EM Galway

” The peace and relaxation I experienced is almost beyond words. The nearest I can get to describing it is pure bliss. ” – Mary H, Limerick

” There is some power in those bowls, Dee! Thank you Dee for your wonderful healing gift and for sharing those magic sounds with us. “

” Dee is a phenomenal facilitator. Her kindness invites you to show up exactly as you are. Her gentleness allows you to process whatever comes up with grace. Her facilitation encourages you to go beyond what you ever imagined possible. Thank you Dee. I am so grateful for everything you be. “

“ I’ve just floated out from a 1:1 sound healing session with Dee O’Connor. The power of the healing was so deep yet it was such a relaxing experience, the resonance of the bowls on and around the body is incredible. Having really enjoyed many of Dee’s sound baths, I thought I’d try a 1:1 and now I totally recommend both the 1:1’s and sound baths, if you haven’t tried one don’t let yourself miss out!” Janet Kingston 

“I attended Dee’s Sound Healing Class in Cork and was blown away. Bathed in healing sound in the most wonderful space. Dee has a refreshingly pragmatic approach to her class that made me feel immediately at ease and I’ll be coming back for more if this amazing class”

“Loved it. It was well organised and professional. I loved the experience and the resonance of sounds. Will certainly go again” – Minnie Michaels

“I had my first experience of Sound & Energy healing with Dee O’Connor tonight in Tipperary Town.. I was blown away.. Incredible experience” M Collins