From Chaos comes Calm.

It Is hard to believe that from Chaos we can have great calm. But I see this transformation every day.  Chaos is complete disorder and confusion. And interestingly also known in physics as the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe. And what created the universe…. oh the big bang . . would that be sound. Sound healing unlike music has no rhythm and beat. Normally our brains can follow the rhythm and beat in music, the mind can guess what is coming next, it’s keeping itself busy, keeping that mind chatter going on and on. With sound healing there is no set patterns. Sounds are random, the gong can create amazing sounds and vibrations, other instruments are also used and they all create sound and vibrations that start to dance and blend together. This dance of vibrations is not something you can plan it just happens, and so the mind can’t be logical. So with these qualities, with no rhythm or beats, you find yourself surrounded with a collection of sound chaos (chaos – the perception of the mind). When the mind cannot predict what is happening, and it is failing to distract you, It just gives up. The beauty of the mind giving up is calm, ease, and less mind chatter.  A greater connection to you, your body, your being, your soul is created. Your journey, consciousness, healing and wholeness is revealed to you as you gentle float in the flow of sound. The gong and crystals bowls can create many chaotic sound collection, but once the mind had let go the Chaos is replaced by... read more

Raise your Vibration with Sound

Raise your Vibration with Sound Sound Raises your vibration, and in doing so create a happy and healthy mind, body and being. What does this mean? And how does it happen? If everything is vibration from the very chair that you are sitting on to the device you are reading this from and everything else around and this form of energy is in constant movement, everything is in a state of vibration.  Everything, including you is about vibration, balance and harmony. Sound and vibration play a fundamental role in everything. Ancient civilisations knew this and have used sound in rituals and indeed life in general from the start of time, but only now science is beginning to understand this. Sound vibration actually changes the structure of matter. This action of vibration on matter is known as Cymatics. Google it, some amazing videos available to see this in action. Every object has a natural rate of vibration, in fact, the human body is a symphony of sound. Every organ, every muscle, every system, every bone, every cell, no matter what size, they are all in a state of vibration. When we are in good health, the body puts out an overall frequency or vibration. However, when a frequency that is counter to our health affects our body, it creates a disharmony that we refer to as dis-ease. Low frequencies, and frequencies that are out of balance, cause illness, pain and or dis-ease. By using Sound healing we can change these frequencies, the imbalances, even before they create dis-ease. We are bombarded by sounds, frequencies, vibrations constantly. Many of these can... read more

Stress Stress Stress

Feeling your Pulse galloping? Brow furrowed? Beads of sweat on the forehead? Barely able  to breathe? Is it time to change something? When the pressures and demands exceed your capabilities, stress and anxiety soon raise their ugly heads. Stress was something I never thought I would ever suffer from or even though I was effected by.  If anything stress made me operate in a more effective manor, especially in work and college, give me a deadline and I worked in the most effective way possible, even without thinking, everything just went into flow, go go go and I was buzzing on it, at work it was like a dance. After years of the same thing stress was not even a word I would use to describe my work, as I enjoyed it. Then a different stress came into my life, an emotional stress, from worrying about a family member who had become ill, and all that came with this. I had to take leave from my job, and care for her until she passed away. I coped with all that, when I returned to work, my bosses were not very nice, and treated me shockingly. I ended up at my doctors in floods of tears and he just looked at my in surprise as he’d seen me for months, and he saw how i coped in a very stress filling situation. He put be off work, on work related stress, and I remained off for about 18 to 24 months. It was the two  different stresses hitting, like a train crash, they collided and knocked me off the tracks.... read more

Happy people realise happiness is a Choice

Do you wake up happy every day? Or do you wake up with the darkness of depression, judgment, worry, is anxiety weighing you down and keeping you stuck and unhappy?Do you see no way out, and everyone around you are their thoughts, feelings and emotions solidifying your unhappiness? Do you love to laugh? Do you like the sense of joy, the feeling of bliss? Do you relish the feeling of happiness? What does happiness look like to you? Okay, If your mind is now saying, what the hell is this person on about and you are about to shout, cry, or close this page, as you know that the darkness will never lift, happiness is not something that happens to you, just know that I get it, I’ve been there, and I’ve changed it. We have the power to make ourselves happy, we just require the awareness and knowing that this is a possibility. So are you ready to be happy, to create a happy life and living? To create a phenomenal life and living, not just surviving but thriving! Are you willing to make a choice in this ten seconds to start moving towards happiness instead of moving away from it? Happiness is a choice. In this moment are you willing to choose to be happy? Do you know when you are happy? What is you expectations? Have you made happiness so significant that you don’t recognize it anymore? Start noticing what being happy feels like, what energy comes up, what are the physical sensations? Once you start observing yourself and noticing what you sense you will start to know what happiness is. When you catch yourself being happy it... read more

Do you ask questions or do you function from the answer?

Do you ask questions or do you function from the answer? Are you to create a different possibility of living beyond the limitations of this reality? I can’t tell you how important it is to stay in the question at all times, not asking questions create conclusions and results in you limiting yourself, creating blocks. By simply coming to a conclusion or an answer you create every possible limitation. There are some fun questions you can start to ask right away, over and over again: How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?What would it take for… to show up? What is right about it that I’m not getting? What would I like to have show up in my life today? Ask these questions with real wonder, this sets the flow of energy in play. How many of you are making your limitation more real than your choice to choose something different? Live in the question, and you will be amazed at how fast your life will start to change with... read more